Fries, Tots or Waffle Fries

Chickpea Salad

Deep Fried Mushrooms

Ground Pork, Chicken, onions and spices wrapped in dough and deep fried

Mozzarella Sticks

Jalapeno Poppers

Golden Platter
Chebureki, One Egg Roll and Fries, Tots or Waffle Fries

Egg Rolls


Organic Chicken and Vegetable Stew, Served with Buttered Ciabatta Bread.


Ground spiced chicken and rice, stuffed in cabbage leaves, cooked in tomato sauce and served with Sour Cream

Chicken Tenders

Deep Fried Shrimp

Shish Kabob
Chicken or Pork with Georgian Spices, cooked over wood charcoal

Plov – Chicken & Rice
Georgian Style Chicken & Rice

Chicken Cutlets
Two Ground Chicken Meat Cutles with Georgian Spices

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